Real Estate Investor success story - Local real estate empire


The Hernandez family consists of mom and dad and 3 adult sons, they all lived together and all worked , they had a dreamed of becoming real estate investors. they didn’t know how to begin or where to get the money. When their quest began they couldn’t borrower the money for a rental property but they were able to qualify to buy an owner occupied property. They decided to rent out their current home and buy a new one for the family to move into. They turned their 1st home into a rental and bought a new home to live in. We were later able to help them take some of the equity from the 1st home and  they then purchased 2 more houses (as rentals). They have leveraged the equity in their homes and kept purchasing new ones. This began in 2008, today they own 22 properties , this has turned into the family business.


A few of their keys to success

  • Do not take no for an answer ( there might be a yes out there somewhere)
  • Buy real estate at the right price (so you can gain equity sooner)
  • Know what repairs are needed, how much they cost and make the right improvements ( know what you are getting into)
  • Find the right strategic business partners Realtor, lender , inspectors, handyman, contractors and so on ( the right partners not only can save you thousands- they can make you thousands)
  • Be picky- the right house, the right repairs, the right tenants


In 8 years they went from owning one home to now owning 22 properties!