Burnsville, Minnesota real estate for sale

Burnsville, Minnesota Real Estate

About 20 miles south of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis–Saint Paul, near the confluence of the mighty Mississippi and Minnesota rivers along Interstate 35, you will find the idyllic suburban city of Burnsville. The Twin Cities metropolitan area is the 16th largest in the nation, covering more than 6,300 total square miles, and containing upwards of 3.3 million people.

Burnsville began life as a pastoral farming village, settled primarily by a number of Irish families and immigrants. As the urban borders of Minneapolis and Saint Paul spread ever outward, the tranquil village welcomed more and more residents fleeing the inner city.

In 1982, construction on I-35 was completed, which eventually transformed Burnsville into the state's 10th largest city, and sealed its fate as a first-ring suburb; however, unlike most suburban communities, Burnsville, MN real estate enjoys a rare sense of autonomy. This is due primarily to its attractive separation from the metro by the Minnesota River and the broad, swamp-like expanse of the Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, emanating from the river's north and south banks.

Today, more than 60,000 hardy Minnesotans call this leafy, serene suburb home. It is a true bedroom community, located about 30 minutes away from both Twin Cities' downtown.

Shopping and Dining

Burnsville, MN real estate includes just about everything you expect a suburb to contain these days, such as the prerequisite, fully-enclosed shopping mall, Burnsville Center. Anchored by Sears, JCPenney and Macy's, the mall also offers more than 120 retail stores and specialty shops, a food court with 11 quick-serve eateries, and family entertainment options, like the Paragon Odyssey 15 Movie Theater.

Of course, one can't talk about the shopping, dining and entertainment opportunities in the Twin Cities without talking about the gaudy temple of United States' consumerism: the Mall of America. Burnsville sits only about 10 miles southwest of MOA, so all of its 4.2 million square feet, more than 520 stores, restaurants and other attractions, are an easy commute away.

Parks and Recreation

Burnsville, MN real estate is blessed with more than 1,750 acres of lush, verdant parkland segmented into 76 pristine neighborhood parks. Nearly one-third of the land is developed, while the remaining two-thirds preserved and protected in its natural state.

Among the myriad amenities available in the City of Burnsville's park system, you will discover one or more of the following:

  • Cross country ski, mountain bike and natural hiking trails
  • Tennis, volleyball and basketball courts
  • In-line and ice skating rinks
  • Boat launch
  • Dog park
  • Frisbee golf course
  • Various athletic fields
  • Public beaches
  • 310-foot vertical ski peak, Buck Hill

Nicollet Commons Park is one of Burnsville's sparkling entertainment and relaxation gems. Modeled after a traditional, old time town square, Nicollet Commons Park features a 250-seat amphitheater, a vast expanse of wide-open green space and numerous kid-friendly water features.


One of the most exciting elements of living in a relatively young and growing city like Burnsville is its contemporary views with respect to development projects, which tend to be aimed toward the mutual benefit of all its residents. Unlike many suburban developments of the past, Burnsville aims for higher density housing rather than sprawl.

Burnsville's Heart of the City project is a perfect example of this type of foresight into community well-being. Its primary goal is to produce a vibrant, attractive, pedestrian-friendly and economically viable neighborhood inside the city's downtown area.

The redevelopment is planned to encompass 54 acres of land near the banks of the Minnesota River, which will be transformed into mixed-use condos and other non-traditional suburban features in an attempt to mimic Main Street architecture. Its centerpiece is the aforementioned Nicollet Commons Park.

One other enviable attraction that neighboring Minneapolis offers, that even some of the nation’s much larger cities can’t, is a team for which to cheer in each major professional sports league: the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings, Major League Baseball’s Minnesota Twins, the Minnesota Timberwolves of the NBA, and the National Hockey League’s Minnesota Wild, which plays its home games in Saint Paul.

Schools, Health, Transportation

Burnsville–Eagan–Savage School District provides the city with public education via 10 elementary schools, three junior high schools and one high school.

The hospitals, health care centers and medical care facilities in and around Burnsville include Fairview Ridges Hospital, St. Francis Regional Medical Center, Abbott Northwestern Hospital and Fairview Southdale Hospital.

With the Burnsville Transit Station serving as its headquarters and central hub, the Minnesota Valley Transit Authority offers bus service to and from Burnsville, as well as five other suburbs. In addition to I-35, several other highways and byways are conveniently accessible to commuters, and the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is only about 15 miles north of the city.

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